Michael J. Minicucci

Passed 06/03/2022


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Michael J. Minicucci transitioned peacefully at home after an 8 month battle of cancer on June 3rd with Cheryl, his wife of 45 years by his side.He was 66 years old. He is now reunited in the heavens with his beautiful daughter Sarah, whom he has missed terribly for 2 years. He leaves behind 2 wonderful sons, Michael D, and his lovely wife Carrie and Anthony along with his love, Desiree. An Adoring and Fun Loving Grandfather to CJ, Ryan, Hailey, Olivia, Tyler and Giovanni who affectionately call him their Pa.Born and raised in Quincy, he went on to reside in Dorchester and then to Hanson until his passing.Mike is loved and so dear to a multitude of family and friends who will sorely miss him. He exemplified his kind heart above and beyond to a family that included 20 siblings from his and his wife’s side. There is no doubt his name will be spoken for generations to come!Mike was a hard working man. There wasn’t much that he couldn’t do, fix or build with his keen mechanical and industrious mind. He was a jack of all trades!He loved camping and time with his family foremost.He will be missed by all who had the good fortune to know him, as he journeys on while watching and guiding from above!A Celebration of Life will be held in honor of Mike at Magoun-Biggins Funeral Home on Union Street in Rockland on Sunday, June 12th.In lieu of flowers, his family is asking to consider giving a donation to the Hanson Food Pantry on High St in Hanson for families in need in Mike’s memory as he would no doubt want to assist in having one final good cause to help others!Mike’s family invites their loved ones and friends to join them to Celebrate Mike, a Genuine, Kind and Selfless Man on Sunday, June 12, 2022 from 1-4 PM

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  • 06/11/2022

    We lost an amazing man, an off the charts, higher than life, type of Man. He lived his life 'in the back row' as he felt most comfortable there, but he certainly belonged in the forefront. He was so humble and kind, stepping up on every occasion whether he was needed or not! He caught a baby that was thrown out of a 3rd floor window of a burning house almost 4 decades ago! He didn't want recognition and walked away from the scene. It became known and wanted no part of being elevated for just doing the right thing. His Dear Mother Carol made it known to his hometown City Hall and refused to attend the ceremony honoring him. He always steered clear of being in the forefront as it didn't fall into his assumption of himself, "there's nothing special about me" and even worse in my eyes, "I'm just a nobody" 😢 In 1974 we became a couple when I was 16 1/2 and he just turning 18. We were just kids on our own trying to find our way in a cruel world back then, when we found each other. Mike was working hard for a traveling amusement business long before I met him. He was just 14 years old!! A baby in life!! It was what he knew and was the start of him being instilled to be a hard worker. There were many layers of that hard life style and it no doubt saved his life during those difficult and hard times for him and he was just a child forced to be a man. Those long hours, for little pay gave him the start of "you only get what the hand reaches for" as well as a family type environment with others in the same predicament. He was very good with his money and as a result had some nice belongings he bought prior to when we met. But in the grand scheme of things, we actually had nothing but each other until 2 years later we had our 1st child, our Michael. We lived with his parents and siblings until Michael was 7 months old while he got training in the plumbing heating business and landed a job with a good company and earning a decent wage. We were able to get our 1st apartment and we were off to leave a mark in this world!! Thank God for Goodwill for that was our budget. We were thrifty, even used milk crates with plywood for coffee and side tables with a sheet or tablecloth covering it. From then to today, our mentality was/is, "does it work?" If it did for us, we went for it. We're just simple, thrifty folks, not flashy ever! Mike stayed working on weekends tearing down and setting rides up to earn extra money, going from new sites to the next. It's what he knew and he did what he could for us.! Shortly before Michael was born, my siblings world was turned upside down. 7 younger than I and had become wards of the state due to no parental care as our Dear Mother had died from heart disease 6 months prior to Mike and I becoming a couple. Our Dear Father just wasn't equipped to parent us, primarily due to PTSD from childhood and WW2 trauma. Our first Christmas together was when I first saw the genuine, soft and compassionate side of Mike. He loved my siblings immediately and they loved him! He was a kid himself who did what he could to make a Christmas Day a little brighter for them with a gift each and food for he stood in the background taking no credit or recognition for his good and fine deed! When we got our 1st apartment, I asked if we could host having my side of the family as a get together because we were all separated from each other. He didn't hesitate at all to think it over, he just willingly agreed even though we didn't have much ourselves but we pulled it off! He even welcomed Our Nana and Aunt Rose be included. He knew how much we all needed each other and he made it happen at just 20 years old!! Shortly after I asked if my sister Barbara could come live with us as she was in need of a new direction. He again without even thinking it over or complaining why should he do it....he just agreed and all he asked of her was to stay in school and graduate. He was just 4 years older than her!! She did just that, got a job and rose up to be one of the most influential of us! My other sister Nancy was deeper into the f*cked up system of DSS and wouldn't release their grips on her to let us sisters be together. The notification to our request to be her guardian was "we were too young and she wouldn't be a good fit with us" Bullshit!! What did they know!? To this day it has always bothered me. 3 sisters and 1 denied by the State of MA so we could be together!! BUT, Mike was willing to do that for us sisters!! There's a multitude more to be said of the Man that Mike was and his BIG HEART! I plan to magnify the heart and soul of this Man!! My husband Mike is a KING in the eyes of not only the Meegan Family, but a multitude more!! He never took any credit for changing the course of what could have been a disastrous finish of children who needed each other! As my brother Denny said 12 years ago when he was dying of cancer himself...."Cheryl, Mike was the smartest of us all" said the one who stood high above all of us siblings, so dearly loved and respected, a father figure to us Meegan's, says about another King which Mike is because Mike rose above ALL of us in such a short time with a steadfast mind to move not only his family ahead but with the intentions to take along everyone so dear to him! I am SO PROUD of Mike for his vision, his heart, his hard work ethic and especially for the Husband, Father, and Grandfather he is!! An incredibly job Well Done, Mike!! 👏👏👏👏🌟🌟🌟🌟💙💙💙💙 He had his flaws like we all do, but my gawd, NOTHING COMPARES to the GENUINE GOODNESS of HIS HEART! I ADORE YOU, MIKE! I'm already Lost Without You!! EVERYONE IS GOING TO KNOW How One Single Man Left a HUGE Impact on So Many.... A Little at a Time, to Magnify YOU, to Honor You! You Deserve to Be Remembered as You Are a MIGHTY WARRIOR, a Fine Jewel in the eyes of all who Love You!! I'll Love and Miss You Forever Mike!! A piece of my heart and soul went with you to the heavens. 💔😭 Every Moment of Each Day, I'll Carry You in My Heart, My Dear Friend, My Dear Husband!! 🥰😘🥰 🌿🌟🙏✨❤️ 😇 ❤️✨🙏🌟🌿

  • 06/10/2022

    To the best brother a girl could ask for! I can't believe I am here writing this., My heart is shattered, I thought we had more time. I can't imagine a world without you in it. You have always been there for me. Growing up we didn't have much but we always had each other. I knew no matter what it was you were always there for me.. I am so proud of you. You came from nothing and made something of yourself., you beat the odds.. You are the most selfless person I know and would give to anyone in need. I will be forever grateful to you for giving my son back to me when he was lost. You mean the world to me.. I love you with all my heart. I am so grateful I got to spend your last with you. You died with grace and dignity, never once did you complain. Everyday we came you always had a smile on your face not once did you complain or say why me.. I pray I can be as humble as you were in your final days. I know someday I will see you again, until that day I will hold you and all our memories close in my heart. I know you are not gone your just away! I love you infinity my dear Brother, you will always mean the world to me!! Xoxo until we meet again! Xoxo Dee

  • 06/09/2022

  • 06/09/2022

    06/09/2022 a small tibial to. Mike who I met right out of high-school in 69 where I was on Lagasse and Green shows we were set up right across from Mike's house at presidential plaza quincy Mike had to be only 13 teen he said got any work mister I said my name is Harry I said want to set this merry go around Mike said what's it pay we will take care. Of you afterwards we set up he invited me over for supper and meet the family seems like their was ten of them love the family right away and they liked me that is what Mike's family was and still is today generous kind treated me with respect I love you mike

  • 06/08/2022

    My deepest condolences to Mike's family and friends. I will hold my memories close. Thoughts and prayers to you all during this difficult time. Jill (Parkinson) Vail

  • 06/08/2022

    Heroes Don't Wear Capes You were always in the background doing big and small good deeds for others Never boasting or bragging about your helping hands for those in need Always there to greet others with a big hug and kiss or handshake Quiet, yet watchful and alert of everyone and everything around you All the kids were always running to Uncle Mike, their very own candy man waiting to greet them As children, you and Cheryl built an empire for the entire family to gather together and make amazing memories We are more than blessed to call you ours! You will always be MY HUMBLE HERO

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